Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly will be on the ballot for Chattanooga Mayor in the April 13, 2021 City of Chattanooga Municipal Run Off Election.

Tim was born and raised in Chattanooga to a family that taught him the value of hard work and servant leadership. He attended college in New York, but shortly after graduating, the draw of home pulled him back to Chattanooga, where he raised his sons, made his career, and served his community.
Tim started out at the family business with a broom in his hands, but as he began to work his way up through the company, he learned that he could gain a competitive advantage with a clear vision, hard work, and the simple practice of listening. Tim eventually took over and grew the family business, then branched out on his own. He guided his companies through the turbulent 2008 financial crisis, and after weathering the storm, he helped launch and grow several other new businesses.
Through it all, Tim continued giving back and working in the community that he loves. From serving on numerous non-profit boards and community initiatives — including Chairman of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga and member of the Hamilton County Schools Budget Working Group — to helping launch and lead the Chattanooga Football Club, Tim has poured his time and energy into making Chattanooga the best city it can be.
Today, he is eager to put the sum of his lifetime of experience and skills to work in public service to build a Chattanooga that works for everybody.