Kim White

Kim White will be on the ballot for Chattanooga Mayor in the April 13,  2021 City of Chattanooga Municipal Run Off Election.

As a woman born to seventeen year old parents, Kim White went to public school, graduated from Hixson High School, and then lived at home and worked her way through UTC because that’s what her family could afford.

Since she was the first in her immediate family to graduate from college, her working class roots and story are similar to so many people across Chattanooga. Kim can appreciate those that have experienced obstacles and know what it’s like to juggle multiple jobs trying to make ends meet. In fact, there was a time, when starting out on her own, she qualified for housing assistance and welcomed that needed hand up.

When Kim came back to Chattanooga almost 20 years ago without a job, political connections, or a family business to work at, she worked from the ground up to create opportunities for herself. She wants to use that personal experience to help others in this community; people who think their voice has not mattered. Her vision is based on her working class roots and business experience and has been influenced by her faith, family including her husband Joe Dan of 32 years, and an array of mentors and community leaders who have encouraged her to use her voice to find a meaningful place in Chattanooga’s story.

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